The assignment focuses on Surface Diversity with Deep. Besides, there is also an Analysis. So, Compare and contrast the two scenarios.

Surface Diversity with Deep – Level Diversity Analysis

Description Prompt. Firstly, compare and contrast Surface. Secondly, while reading the scriptures James 2, how does it apply in this situation? Requirements: The paper is to be a minimum of 575-words in length and written to meet APA standards. Please note – the title and reference pages do not count toward the total word-count requirement.They use Turnitin.

Surface Diversity with Deep – Level Diversity Analysis

Diversity researchers have distinguished between surface-level (e.g., social categories) and deep-level (e.g., attitudes, opinions, information, and values) diversity . Also, have not fully explored the complexities of their simultaneous existence in groups. We examined how the relationship between surface-level and deep-level diversity impacts the emotional and behavioral reactions of dissenting group members and the effectiveness of decision-making groups.

Surface Diversity with Deep – Level Diversity Analysis

Also, we conducted two studies focusing on dissenting social majority members (individuals who hold dissenting deep-level task perspectives yet belong to the surface-level majority) in three-person groups. The results show that surface-level diverse groups (with two similar and one dissimilar individuals) were perceived as more positive and accepting, fostered more persistent and confident voicing of dissenting perspectives, and displayed greater task engagement than surface-level homogeneous groups (containing all similar individuals).

Diversity management a process intended to create and maintain a positive work environment where the similarities and differences of individuals valued. The literature on diversity management has mostly emphasized on organization culture; its impact on diversity openness; human resource management practices; institutional environments and organizational contexts to diversity-related pressures, expectations, requirements, and incentives; perceived practices and organizational outcomes related to managing employee diversity; and several other issues.

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