Choose one of the practice settings introduced this week (Behavioral Health OR Military-based settings). First watch the recorded interview of the CTRS who works in that particular setting and then explore the associated links posted under the resources tab on Canvas that provide information about specific agencies that offer RT services in your chosen setting. You will then write a summary and reflection paper that is a minimum of 2 FULL pages and includes the following information:
Guest speakers background and description of the agency they work at
What populations are served, types of activities that are offered and general job responsibilities
Summary of what was mentioned about the APIED process (Assessment, Planning, Implementation, Evaluation and Documentation) and how this is implemented at their workplace
Information you learned about the other agencies (listed under the Resources tab) and the recreational therapy services offered at these different locations.
Takeaways and interesting things you learned
Discussion of personal fit for this setting based on personal attributes, interests, skills and career goals