As part of a bridge deck strengthening scheme on an unclassified road, the local Roads Authority opts to replace the existing beam and concrete slab arrangement on a ‘like for like’ basis. The replacement insitu reinforced concrete deck is 12.5 m centre to centre between the supporting substructure and has a skew angle of 0o. The replacement beam and slab deck material shall be grade C40/50 (fck) concrete. The beam section is as shown in Figure Q1 [Page 8 of 23]. The beams are spaced at 1.2 m centre to centre. The maximum depth of surface on the deck is 100 mm. Taking the density of the concrete as 25 kN/m3 and adopting a coefficient of linear expansion of 12×10-6/ oC, appraise the serviceability limit self-equilibrating stress distribution for the heating temperature distribution denoted in EN1991-5-5 Figure 6.2c [Page 12 of 23]. Approach 2 of EN1991-5-5 should be used for the analysis. Clearly state all assumptions made as part of your assessment. (25 Marks) Please note the following equations may prove useful fcm = fck + 8 (MPa) (Extracted from Table 3.1 EN1992 -1 – 1) Ecm = 22(fcm/10)0.3 (GPa) (Extracted from Table 3.1 EN1992-1-1) First Moment of Area = ∑Ax, Parallel Axis Theorem = ∑(I) + AΔh2 C = D/3 *((2σbottom + σtop)/(σbottom + σtop) Bhatt (2011)