SOE09701: STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT in a Global Context

1.Using Porter’sFive Forces Framework, analyze the attractiveness of the South East Asian Airline industry for low-cost new entrants. Draw on relevant industry examples to support your answer.

2.Drawing on your knowledge of Porter’sgeneric strategies, discuss the competitive strategy of an organization of your choice and evaluate the potential risks associated with building or sustaining their competitive advantage.

3.“Academic studies have shown that between 50% and 70% of all mergers and acquisitions (M&A)fail, in that they don’t live up to the financial promise.”

Consider the various methods of growth available to organizations, and highlight the reasons why most mergers and acquisitions fail.

4. A Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a large Chinese electronics manufacturer wants to enter the North American and European markets. After their latest strategic review, the CEO is proposing that the electronics manufacturer should enter these markets through the implementation of a multi-domestic strategy. However, other members of the senior management team feel a global strategy is more appropriate.

5. Using the Integration-Responsiveness Grid, you have been asked by the Board to prepare a report on the advantages and disadvantages of each international strategy choice and make recommendations on how the electronics manufacturer should proceed.

Using the cultural web framework, analyze the culture of an organization of your choice. Evaluate how the existing culture has helped or delayed the implementation of a strategic change in that organization.