The assignment discusses Strategic development and planning. Besides, there is also a description of Stakeholder Analysis. So, what are the principles of professional practice?

Strategic development and planning -Stakeholder Analysis

Firstly, you are required to write about reflection of the planning and development stage, what are the conclusion for the future, very important is to say the things that went to plan and the thing that went wrong, thing I would improve or change for the future, refer to at list 5 HNC unit, thing like safe working practice for care, therapeutic relationships, individual path ways, understanding personal development, sociology. What are the principles of professional practice?

Strategic development and planning -Stakeholder Analysis

Planning often is boring and hard, it consumes a lot of time. But this is the wisest investment because planning preserves 10 times more time in future. It happens by growth of efficiency. When planning you can inventory and allocate all resources in the best or nearly the best possible way. Through planning you will see interconnections between activities that are going to be executed and will be able to make use of it.

Strategic development and planning -Stakeholder Analysis

The importance of planning. Imagine some simple task, peeling potatoes let’s say. What images come to your mind? Do you vision your own hands holding some tool and gently removing skin from potato? This was probably the shortest possible session of planning. But would you agree that you plan in such way dozens of actions every day? Every person on earth plans but the horizons of planning differ greatly. The statistics speaks that success of any business depends on whether we plan for a week or a year or a decade. The Soviet Union planned for 5 years and post-soviet Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and Armenia barely planned for 3. The results are known. Germany planned for 30 and the results are also well-known as this country became a symbol of quality.

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