Steps to Writing an Essay

Follow these 7 steps for the best results:

  1. Read and understand the prompt:Know exactly what is being asked of you. Its a good idea to dissect the prompt into parts.
  2. Plan:Brainstorming and organizing your ideas will make your life much easier when you go to write your essay. Its a good idea to make a web of your ideas and supporting details.
  3. Use and cite sources:Do your research. Use quotes and paraphrase from your sources, but NEVER plagiarize.
  4. Write a Draft:Ernest Hemingway once said, The first draft of anything is always crap. While the truth behind this statement is debatable, drafts are always a good place to get any of your crappy ideas out of the way and are often required by professors and instructors.
  5. Make a strong thesis:The thesis (main argument) of the essay is the most important thing youll write. Make it a strong point.
  6. Respond to the prompt:Once you have worked out any kinks in your draft, you can start writing the final draft of your essay.
  7. Proofread:Read your response carefully to make sure that there are no mistakes and that you didnt miss anything.