Detailed Instructions


        This criterion then needs to be broken up into the following sub-components, for which you are to develop your presentation:

 Diversification: Analyze and explain the steps taken by the organization to diversify their assets and integrate themselves into the growing global economy.

Investment: Determine how the organization borrowed and financed debt and equity within foreign and domestic markets. Discuss the impact upon their overall investments. Management: Examine how the organization managed their assets and liabilities and how this affected their profitability and growth.

More about this task:

 In this assignment, the instructions require you to consider discussing diversification and management respectively. The paper will include discussion about the steps that are taken by the organization to promote the diversity of the assets in the organization to contribute to the growth of the economy. The discussion will also explore the strategies that were used by the organization to borrow and finance debt and equity within both the domestic and foreign markets. It is also imperative to draw the link between the borrowing and financial debt on the overall investments. The other part will examine the management strategies of the organization in managing their assets and liabilities. Also, the evaluation will help in determining how the management styles influenced the profitability and growth.

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