Detailed Instructions


The Pathophysiology Essay discusses pathophysiology, Standard of Practice, Pharmacological Treatments, Standard Practice of Disease Management, and  Managed  Disease Process. Other key areas of interest include unmanaged disease factors, unmanaged disease characteristics etc

In the first place, provide a brief introduction of the disease process you have selected to investigate. Moreover, consider including a discussion of why you selected this topic and the scope of the impact of the disease in general.


Secondly, discuss the pathophysiology of the specific disease from the macro to micro level. This is an opportunity to begin with a general approach to the sequence of factors that result in alterations in normal function at the systems level and drill down to the hormonal, electrolyte and cellular changes that promote the appearance or progression of the disease. In this pathophysiology essay, think about how the disease presents and the events that caused it to develop. Things to consider: Have you identified and discussed the factors that contribute to the disease from a system level all the way down to the cellular level? What changes occur as a result of the disease and how does the body respond (compensate)?

Standard of Practice

You are to discuss the aspects of the standards of practice for the disease in detail.  The standard of practice is essentially a consensus of what providers follow assessing, diagnosing, and managing the disease on a daily basis. Correspondingly,, they may align completely with the Clinical Practice Guidelines or differ in some ways on the basis of prevalence, resources and local outcomes. Consider looking at your facility protocols or the practice recommendations in your state.

Pharmacological Treatments

Identify and discuss the pharmacological treatments for the specific state (based on Standards of Practice or Clinical Practice Guidelines).  In addition, discuss the ways in which those medications impact the individuals in your community who have the disease. Consider these and other issues: Are outcomes changed? Is progression of the disease limited? Is there a decrease in hospitalizations? Are patients more compliant?

Other key aspects in this pathophysiology essay include Standard Practice of Disease Management, Managed  Disease Process Read More…

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