The assignment focuses on Stability in Child’s Early Years. Also, there is a description of Building Relationships Analysis. So, focus on the language of similarity, not difference.

Stability in Child’s Early Years – Building Relationships Analysis

Description 5000 word summative assement discussing the findings of an investigational study on one issue in relation to an aspect of Early Years practice of provision.  Firstly, the literature review needs to cover recent and older journals regarding transitions and play in early years. Thirdly, stability is vital in a child’s early years. Yet change is unavoidable for many young children. They will inevitably undergo a number of emotional and environmental transitions before they even reach school age. So, let’s embrace the opportunity to help children develop patterns of behavior that they can draw on throughout life.

Stability in Child’s Early Years – Building Relationships Analysis

Firstly, by managing transition carefully, we can ease the process of adjustment. Reassuring both children and their families.  Ensure ‘special books’ are continuously available to families and new practitioners.

● Build in special time in which small groups can be with their key person on a daily basis.

● Encourage children and parents to express themselves throughout the transition process; value their concerns.

● Focus on the language of similarity, not difference – there’s a fine line between exciting and overwhelming.

Stability in Child’s Early Years – Building Relationships Analysis

● Approach coverage of new curriculums with equal creativity; play is a child’s work.

● Engage practitioners in shared moderation and overlap professional development between settings – bridge the divide and knowledge gaps.

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