How will SOF – in this case Australia’s Special Air Service Regiment – conduct operations against a “peer”, or “near-peer”, adversaries when all the previously enjoyed advantages of technological superiority no longer exist. What competencies will provide out future Special Operation Forces (SOF) the edge?

This essay is to focus heavily on assymetric / irregular / hybrid warfare against adversaries that significantly outmatch Australia’s current and future Defence capability. As per Defence Strategic vision – adversaries such as China.

While I have stated I would like 15 sources – this list is not verbatum. The more the better, but understand if limited on resources.
Journals (eg., academic writings, podcasts (eg. irregular warfare podcast), etc, are all permitted.
Happy to use coalition SOF models as examples (eg. UK/US/CANSOF), however please relate to Australia’s strategic outlook where, and as much as, possible.

I expect frequent back and forth, and happy to provide additional resources and/or context should you need.