The assignment focuses on Sound investment portfolio. Besides, there is also a description of Risk Tolerance Index. So, Identify your Investment Goals.

Sound investment portfolio-Risk Tolerance Index

 Firstly, for your course Case Assignment, you’re to construct a sound investment portfolio. Also, please follow the steps below to construct an Optimum Portfolio using Mean-Variance Optimization Method: Firstly, identify your Investment Goals (should be SMART) for your investment portfolio. Secondly, identify your Risk Tolerance Index. Thirdly, ascribe an asset allocation. 4. Select assets. 5. Calculate Portfolio’s Return, Beta, Standard Deviation, Sharpe, and Alpha. 6. Project the portfolio’s return within a 68% probability for the next year.

Sound investment portfolio-Risk Tolerance Index

Your portfolio project should be in APA format, 10-15 pages (excluding appendixes), and a single space with at least ten references. – Cover – Table of contents – Table of charts, figures, and tables – Introduction – summary of your project – Investment Goals, Risk Tolerance Index, Asset Allocation, Asset Selection. Summary discussion for each. – Portfolio’s performance measurements – Summary discussions on each measure. – Performance projection and comparison with major indices (S&P500, etc.) – APA Citations (References and in-text) – Appendix (related parts for the financial statements for the companies).

Detailed Instructions


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