The assignment focuses on Social Media advertising assignment-Media Characteristics.So, this week and next week you will be looking more in depth at the digital options available to the advertising team

Social Media advertising assignment-Media Characteristics

Social Media advertising is an expanding component of the IMC Program. So,this week and next week we will be looking more in depth at the digital options available to the advertising team. However,Jump ahead and read pages 505 beginning with Paid Searches through the bottom of page 506 including Contextual Ads. Identify your company from Dropbox Assignment .Firstly,choose 3 social media platforms that will fit with your company.Such as, but not limited to, the social media identified in Figure 15-3 on page 510. (You will be building on this assignment next week.) Explain why you believe each option is the best option for your company. Explain how you would use Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization.Also,behavioral Targeting, Retargeting, Contextual Advertising, or Native Advertising to drive traffic in your plan. If you are not familiar with social media you will need to spend some time on your laptop.Also,tablet, or smart phone engaging in various social media platforms.

Social Media advertising assignment-Media Characteristics

In order to, familiarize yourself with some of the options available.Look at Figure 10-27 Media Characteristics on page 372 of our text. Choose one of the first 6 media (we will address digital media in week 6) for your new client. Explain how you going to implement that media utilizing the media strategies beginning on page 354. Be sure you read Developing and Implementing Media Strategies. Beginning on page 354 before beginning the assignment. Review the different Media Characteristics in figure 10-27, page 372. From the list choose one of the first 6 media for this assignment. Although there is a wide variety of media and media vehicles available, they should get chosen to work together. This provides a cohesive message to our target audience; for the purposes of this exercise.You will only choose one of the first 6 media characteristics listed on page 372.
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