The assignment talks about Social and Cultural History-Twentieth-Century In Japan. Therefore, Identify the argument Jennifer Robertson analyzes the criteria that judges used in the Miss Nippon contest of 1931

Social and Cultural History-Twentieth-Century In Japan

Social and Cultural History of Twentieth-Century In Japan.  So, You will annotate ten (10) secondary and/or primary sources to fulfill this assignment. An annotated bibliography provides the reader with a clear sense of the materials that you used (primary and secondary) to construct your paper and an outline of how you approached these materials. Its secondary purpose is to provide other scholars with citations that they can use to conduct further research themselves. In addition to providing citations, by situating sources within the broader historiographical literature and evaluating their quality, you enter into a conversation with people who are interested in the same topic. As an expert in your topic, you are  providing your colleagues with direction and information about the most important sources. Example: Robertson, Jennifer. “Japan’s First Cyborg? Miss Nippon, Eugenics and Wartime Technologies of Beauty, Body and Blood.” Body & Society. 7(1) (2001): 1-34.

Social and Cultural History-Twentieth-Century In Japan

1. Identify the argument Jennifer Robertson analyzes the criteria that judges used in the Miss Nippon contest of 1931.  Also, argues that the contestants who advanced celebrated as the embodiment of feminine ideals of the modern eugenic nation. She situates this contest within the militarization of Japanese society and argues that Miss Nippon could not have been conceived without bringing to bear the scientific, technological and cultural resources of the nation. 2.  List its main strengths Though Robertson covers a large swath of time in the essay – over 50 years – her focus on the 1931 contest allows her to emphasize both the continuities and discontinuities of the Japanese state’s eugenic project since it began in the Meiji period. 3. Then, Evaluation of sources She makes some use of visual sources like journal covers, cosmetic ads and photographs taken of the Miss Japan contestants. 

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