This assignment focuses on Social Activism in American Politics. There is also a description of Global Justice movements. So, talk about the different movements and their importance to American politics.

Social Activism in American Politics – Global Justice movements

Provide a general introduction to your paper subject, by informing the reader about the social movement you’ve chosen and why it’s important and why they should care. Your thesis should be italicized, and be at the end of your introduction. Also,  it helps to make it something explicit. The thesis includes specific claim you are making, and it should (very briefly). It explains the main reasons why you’re arguing what you’re arguing. So the thesis includes the “what” and the “why” of the paper.

The reader should know exactly what is being argued by the end of the introduction, moving into the body of the paper. The first part of your paper, which is the first 5 to 6 pages, should discuss the major movements of the 2000s and 2010s, and what we learned from them. Talk about the different movements and their importance to American politics. Bring in as many of the movements as possible, in order to demonstrate subject area engagement in these movements.

Social Activism in American Politics – Global Justice movements

This means that you need to talk at some point about the global justice movements: Occupy Wall Street.  The LGBTQ rights movement Trump Impeachment Climate Change #MeToo movement #DACA #MuslimBan #Climate Change Brexit. There is no exact formula for how to cover these movements. Think of it this way: you want to talk about these movements and their significance, as a way of setting up how social movements matter to democratic politics, so as to demonstrate the importance of social movements, as a way of justifying why you are studying your particular social movement. For the second part of your paper , last 7 to 14 pages), you will given free reign to talk about the social movement you chose. Finally, research a movement of interest, “Black Lives Matter,” This will give you a population of news stories to begin your research.

Detailed Instructions


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