This Public Health Essay focuses on Social Action Approaches. So,  critically evaluate how the social determinants of health can impact on the identified health problem.

Social Action Approaches – Public Health Essay

In a 3,000 word essay critically evaluate how public health practitioners can utilise social action approaches to address one identified health issue in an area of your choice. This essay should critically evaluate how the social determinants of health can impact on the identified health problem.  And how the principles and practice of community development can employed to work with the community to address this issue. Unlike structural theorists, social action theorists argue that people’s behaviour and life-chances  not determined. By their social background. Instead, social action theorists emphasises the role of the active individual and interactions between people in shaping personal identity.  As well as  in turn the wider society. In order to understand human action we need to uncover the individual’s own motives for acting.

Social Action Approaches – Public Health Essay

The main weakness of the interpretivist approach when researching the family is the tendency to ignore wider social structure. For example, both Marxists and Feminists argue that the way in which roles are constructed.  In the family is not merely a matter of individual negotiation, but a reflection of how power  distributed in wider society. The social action perspective is to examine how and why particular individuals and groups are  defined as ‘deviant’ where deviance can be defined as “behaviour that does not follow the norms of a particular social group.” Such a definition may impact their future actions within society.

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