Every assignment should have a cover page (cover pages are NOT included in the assigned page count) with the title of the exercise, your name, course name & number, and the date. Papers should be double spaced, 12 pt—font with 1-inch margins, and formatted APA style. There is no need for an abstract in your writings for this course. All written assignments (not including discussion boards) MUST be in word document format. Google docs, Pages, Notes, and other formats will not be accepted.
Name your file with your last name and the name of the assignment, ie. Romano_Introduction. Please review the suggested considerations for your papers and use concepts, verbiage, and techniques from the text to support your observations. These questions included are minimum suggestions to help you understand the type of observations and concepts expected in your papers. They are not intended to be answered in test format; they should be formatted as an essay; introduction, body, and ending.  

Using concepts from the lectures, your text, and what you have learned so far, analyze the speaker’s techniques. Write 3 pages reflecting on this speech.  
Things to consider:

Describe the speaker’s non-verbal movements and share if and how they were effective.
What things did you notice about the speaker’s vocal variety (specifically)?
Were the speaker’s visual aids helpful or effective (in what way?)
What other techniques did you note?
Did the speaker state the topic and main points in the introduction?
Did the speaker signal the conclusion and refer back to the main points?
What did you enjoy about this example?
Did it help put some of the concepts reading about into context? If so, which ones and why?