The assignment discusses Sloan Management Review. Additionally, there is also a description of Project Management Critique. So, provide an evaluation and critique (around 2000 words).

Sloan Management Review – Project Management Critique

Firstly, please choose ONE of the following articles upon which to base your critique: Paper 1: Davis, K. (2017). An empirical investigation into different stakeholder groups perception of project success. International Journal of Project Management, 35 (4), 604–617.OR Paper 2: Laufer, A., Hoffman, E. J., Russell, J. S., & Cameron, W. S. (2015). What successful project managers do. MIT Sloan Management Review, 56(3), 43-51. Students are required to: Secondly, summarise (around 500 words) the key elements of the article. Thirdly, critically analyse those elements, utilising other sources and views (e.g. journal articles). Also, provide an evaluation and critique (around 2000 words)

Sloan Management Review – Project Management Critique

Assessment Criteria Firstly,clear, concise and meaningful summary of the key points in the article. Secondly, analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the article. Also, conduct critical analysis and show evidence of extensive research you have undertaken to position the article within the broader project management literature. For example; are alternative interpretations available? Has the work been developed by other authors? Thirdly, appropriately structured report.

  • Clarity of written expression.

Sloan Management Review – Project Management Critique

However, surprisingly, this issue of the theoretical does not figure in any way in the above mentioned main report on the future of project management (Project Management Institute 1999), even when the future of the profession of project management is in the focus. Research literature on project management reveals that this omission of the theoretical is no incidental phenomenon: in their analysis of project management research, spanning forty years, Kloppenborg and Opfer (2000) have nothing to report on the theory of project management. This extraordinary silence on the theoretical is puzzling; it is either conceded that there is no theory of project management,

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