A proposed 7.5 m wide temporary access platform is required to span 10.0 m between supports. The platform is to be supported by steel beams compositely designed with a concrete slab on metal decking to minimise depth. The use of props for the slab is possible.

 (a) Sketch a suitable beam and slab arrangement for the deck, clearly indicating all of the dimensions. 

(b) Using the design parameters given below select an appropriate metal deck using the table provided and calculate the design load for a 9 m long internal steel beam.

(c) Using the stress block provided, select a preliminary size for the 9m long internal steel beam. 

 (d) Using the stress block provided, design an internal steel beam to act compositely with an insitu concrete and metal deck slab. Assume 2 rows of shear studs. 7 Marks Design parameters Variable load from traffic 10 kN/m2 The strength class of concrete to be used is C35/45 Steel grade S355 𝛾𝛾c = 1.5 Span/load tables for Ribdeck E60 metal decking have been provided