The assignment focuses on CAUTI Quality Project paper. Also, there is a description of  significance to patient care. So, establish the significance of the strategy to patient care.

CAUTI Quality Project paper- significance to patient care

TOPIC: CAUTI Quality Project paper Directions: Firstly, please use the subheadings from the rubric and answer all the questions. This paper does not need a PICOT Question!!!!!!!. Secondly, how do you know it’s a problem?. Thirdly, what is its significance to patient care? Fourthly, how long has it been going on? Fifthly, what is the gap between what is happening and what is desired?. Also, what are your goals and objectives (short and long term)? – Buy-in who and why – Strategies for buy-in – Process map – What data must be collected? – Ideal target/benchmark. Why? – Data collection process. Who will assist you? – Analysis – How to present the data – Proposed solutions – Select solution: What factors considered: people, resources, and politics – Implementation plan – Communication plan – How will the change be sustained? – Conclusion

CAUTI Quality Project paper- significance to patient care

The provision of high-quality, affordable, health care services is an increasingly difficult challenge. Due to the complexities of health care services and systems, investigating and interpreting the use, costs, quality, accessibility, delivery, organization, financing, and outcomes of health care services is key to informing government officials, insurers, providers, consumers, and others making decisions about health-related issues. Health services researchers examine the access to care, health care costs and processes, and the outcomes of health services for individuals and populations. The field of health services research (HSR) is relied on by decision makers and the public to be the primary source of information on how well health systems in the United States and other countries are meeting this challenge. The “goal of HSR is to provide information that will eventually lead to improvements in the health of the citizenry.

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