Short Story Masterpieces-James Baldwin—”Sonny’s Blues”. So, evaluate each story for meaning and style, comparing and contrasting stories and striving to develop a general sense of the genre.

Short Story Masterpieces-James Baldwin—”Sonny’s Blues”

 Short Story Masterpieces. Please read these 14 short stories: Sherwood Anderson—”I Want To Know Why” James Baldwin—”Sonny’s Blues”. John Cheever—”The Enormous Radio” Anton Chekhov—”Gusev” F. Scott Fitzgerald—”Babylon Revisited” William Faulkner. “A Rose for Emily” Ernest Hemingway—”Hills Like White Elephants” Frank Kafka. “The Metamorphosis” D.H. Lawrence–“The Horse Dealer’s Daughter” Katherine Mansfield—”The Garden Party” Flannery O’Conner. – “A Good Man Is Hard To Find” John Steinbeck—”The Chrysanthemums” John Updike–“A @ P” William Carlos Williams–“The Use Of Force” The aim is to strengthen your understanding of the short story genre Its elements and history and to gain a good knowledge of each book author’s philosophy and stylistics. To interpret the contract stories well and to write these interpretations in paper of acceptable academic prose.

Short Story Masterpieces-James Baldwin—”Sonny’s Blues”

INSTRUCTIONS: Proceeding in study, by evaluating each story for meaning and style. While,  comparing and contrasting stories and striving to develop a general sense of the genre.Also, become familiar with the elements of the short story and analyze each reading in terms of these elements. Then, write about the short story, your topic derived from key concerns of your study. Besides,  Identify and describe the authors, works, ideas and developments. In addition, analyze these works within the political, historical and social contexts of their emergence.  Demonstrate the capacity to construct logically rigorous arguments; similarly demonstrate the capacity to write clear and correct prose at an appropriate level. Also, you will be evaluated in terms of how well you analyze the stories for meaning, compare and contrast them. More so, develop a sense of the range of genre, analyze in terms of story elements and writes on selected stories in a clear, correct, detailed and cogent English prose.

Detailed Instructions

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