The assignment focuses on Sexual problems analysis-Hyde & Delamater, 2017. So,develop a 3–4-page research paper based on a selected case study related to sexual problems.

Sexual problems analysis-Hyde & Delamater, 2017

Develop a 3–4-page research paper based on a selected case study related to sexual problems. Most sexual behavior problems must delineated within the context of the individual’s personality. Lifestyle, and relationships with others. It  is usually simplistic to label any particular behavior automatically as a problem. Several criteria given that can  used to define sexual problems. Hence,  that can help put problematic sex into a more realistic and sensible perspective.
Determining when a sexual preference behavior becomes a problem is  highly subjective. Hence, requires a look into different aspects of an individual’s life. Including, his or her lifestyle and cultural and social belief systems. Sexual abuse, coercion, and assault of others represent serious sexual problems (Hyde & Delamater, 2017).
Show Less STDs and a variety of other medical conditions can affect the sex organs and sexual activity. Whereas, STDs once got discussed only in most human sexuality courses, they are emerging as important issues again.

Sexual problems analysis-Hyde & Delamater, 2017

Considering that the incidence of several diseases is  on the rise and that more organisms are being recognized as being capable of sexual transmission.  Such a trend may be timely. So, One of the most significant findings of the National Health and Social Life Survey (NHSLS) was the direct correlation between the numbers of sexual partners people have had and the likelihood that they will have had a STD (National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago, 1992). Defining sexual dysfunctions is  somewhat subjective.
And, individual differences in the sexual response cycle are often perfectly normal. Rather than simply labeling each dysfunction and explaining it separately. So, must examine it based on the broader picture of sexual responsiveness and the total sexual relationship

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