Sexual Assaults in Prison

This paper is to have an introduction, body and conclusion. References and citations are to be in APA format 6th edition when used in the paper. Paper is to be 15 pages in length of text material. Cover pages, abstracts, and references pages are to be completed with this research paper, but do not count towards the 15 page minimum requirement. Proper grammar and spelling are required. Double spacing will be utilized. Use 15 resources and no www sites can be utilized unless properly constructed as outlined in the APA 6th edition manual. No or other type materials will be accepted as a reference. (Please use scholarly journals or materials of this type and books). Do not use any cases or any case related material about famous celebrities.

Quick Response:

The directive of this essay is to explore sexual assaults in prison. This paper will begin by discussing the history of sexual assaults in prison. This will also include what constitutes sexual assaults in this context. The paper will also explore the risk factors that encourage sexual assaults and related behavior in prisons. Another significant aspect discussed in this paper includes the reporting of sexual assaults in prisons. Such reports will be based on the statistics and any relevant records in various prisons. The outcomes of sexual assaults will be identified and discussed in details particularly the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. The paper will also explore other aspects that lead to sexual assaults, especially politics.

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