The paper talks about Treated sewage sludge-public health challenge. So,Briefly identify and describe three features of communities more likely to be impacted by lead exposures.In what way does this present a compelling public health challenge?  

Treated sewage sludge-public health challenge

Responses should be in your own words, well-stated, yet appropriately concise.  Demonstrate your comprehension of the content and apply it to the questions below.  A final space at the end is provided for you to raise any outstanding questions you may have that I can provide further guidance on for the class.  The greater point value questions are expected to be completed with more length and detail while brief responses are acceptable for the lower point value questions.


Firstly,  Briefly identify and describe three features of communities more likely to get= impacted by lead exposures.  In what way does this present a compelling public health challenge? 1 point             


Secondly, Describe two potential hazards of land application of treated sewage sludge. 1 poi

 Treated sewage sludge-public health challenge

Thirdly, Explain how storm runoff impacts the local ecosystem- what contaminants are commonly in storm water runoff?  What results occur in the downstream rivers and bays? Also, What are two household-level and two community-level mechanisms to reduce this source of pollution?  2 point


Fourth.   In response to the risks of lead exposure, what level of public health prevention is most appropriate (primary, secondary, or tertiary prevention?) and what setting would you recommend housing this preventive effort?  Also,Find an example of lead prevention ongoing in Pennsylvania and provide a program overview and link in the space below. 2 points

 Fifth,Correlation is not causation- how did the limits of causal theory apply in Toms River?  4 points

 Sixth,identify and briefly describe four ways in which the financial disparity between the Ciba-Geigy and all other entities exacerbated the health & environmental challenges discussed in the book. Finally,What parallels exist between the situation described in Toms River and the water crisis in Flint, MI?  4 points

Detailed Instructions


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