Setting and Description / Character
Paper details:
Fiction 1 Specifics:
For your first Fiction Piece, youll be focusing on the chapter over “Character” but please also pay attention to how the setting is influencing the story. Think of what youre writing as a scene, MAYBE two scenes. There isnt really time for much else. So you should be able to SUGGEST plot but you wont feel like anything is complete. Think of it as a partial story, in other words. Setting and description should be well-developed and should be a secondary focus. Try to use the setting as if it was also a character. But primarily, you will try to create at least THREE characters that are briefly sketched but 3-dimensional. You should have distinct sections of summary, scene, and exposition.

You must choose between the following story prompts:

1. There is a confrontation in a remote location
2. Two strangers have a conversation in an elevator (there should still be a third character somehow)
3. Parents learn their son/daughter is possibly using heroin
4. A traveler gets lost and has to get help