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Assignment 1- Reflected Best Self Thematic Analysis: Characteristics of an individual when at his or her best

  • Self Schema: (cognitive generalizations about the self derived from past experience, that guide the processing of self-related information contained in an individual’s social experience).
  • People compose their reflected best-self portrait through social experiences that draw on intrapsychic and interpersonal resources.
  • Jolts (events that trigger the revisions of RBS) – Challenges (formal and informal) – Appreciation (formal and informal)
  • Resources – Positive affect (optimistic, happy) – Relational connections (support networks) – Personal agency (strong internal locus of control)

1. Send out requests for feedback.
2. Analyse the results and develop a results table.
3. Evaluate findings and write a Best Self Vision Statement.
4. Evaluate reflection and adaptation methods and practices and develop a future learning path.
5. Write up your report

Six Phases of Self Thematic Analysis (Braun & Clarke 2008) include familialisation with first, with data. In this case, you may focus on reading interviews, notes etc

  1. Generate initial codes (technically different from a theme). Specifically, look for verbs, adjectives, or nouns you see repeated
  2. Combine codes as themes
  3. Reviewing themes In the light of themes, check whether the themes work in relation to all the coded extracts
  4. Define and name themes as strengths
  5.  Reflect and produce final report

Self Thematic Analysis:

In this case, evaluate through reflective interpretation
In the light of reflective interpretation, one may focus on who said what – are there sub patterns? Equally important, one may address how does this sit with my experience. Moreover , one may focus on whether they have learned something new. Finally, its also imparative to focus on the implications of any new learning for practice.

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