Write from a point of view of a ice hockey player at the university of michigan, My name is mackie samoskevich, do some backround if you need to my name will pop up when you search. My professor also sent this

Describe your own self-regulatory approach to living, including your purpose, core values, and specific behaviors for aligning with your purpose.
Describe what led you to this approach to living and whether and how you feel its working for you at this time.
Using the knowledge from the class lectures, discussions, and readings to date, consider your own life: what we might call your story. In doing this, consider your purpose in life. Do you have one? Can you state it? Is it a self-organizing life-aim? Does it have a theme? Goals? Values?

The narrative of the paper should describe a self-regulatory model of you, and what led to this model. Walk the reader through each relevant area and its relationship to the model. This story should be well-written and compelling to the reader (think of a story you might hear on The Moth or National Public Radio).

You might want to create a diagram of your self-regulatory model. Consider factors that add greater specificity to your model. There may be factors in your model that we havent discussed in class. Thats fine. Put them in.

The paper is to be roughly 10-15 pages, double-spaced with 11- or 12-point font and 1 margins. It should be written using APA format (include in-text citations and a reference list if you use them). Headings may help though are not necessary for this paper. Number your pages.