Select and research a veteran population. Examples: • Homeless veterans • Senior veterans • Gulf War veterans • Veterans with TBI • Veterans with PTSD • Women veterans • Veterans with physical injuries • Veterans with a co-morbidity Etc. Include the following:  Detailed information about the population o Military experience o Demographics ( expressed numerically, as statistics)  Examples: • age, race/ethnicity, gender, single/married • Other: Total number of your population, era of service, disability status, education, income, employment, geographical location  Healthcare needs in your population  Analysis of policies or laws that impact your population  Resources available to this population  Barriers to resource utilization  How the nursing profession can promote change to improve healthcare outcomes for this veteran population  Interprofessional collaboration to meet healthcare needs of veterans

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The homeless veterans in the United States are accounted to be approximately 12% among the homeless population. The veterans become homeless due to mental health challenges or economic hardships they encounter after serving the country. Other examples of the causes of homelessness include family breakdown, government policy, substance abuse, and poverty. Majority of the homeless veterans are white males. Such a population is found in California, Florida, and Texas respectively
CITATION Tsa18 l 1033  (Tsai, 2018). One of the predictors of later homelessness included not being married or having a problem of substance and drug abuse. The likely age group likely to be homeless includes between 46-55 years respectively. Such characteristics of the homeless veterans rely on the nursing resources to manage their lives and get back on their feet…

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