Global privacy regulations, escalating data losses, explosive personal data growth, and customer expectations have combined to make data privacy a business imperative. But error-prone manual processes often times can’t scale to meet these new challenges. Data privacy, also called information privacy, is an aspect of data protection that addresses the proper storage, access, retention, immutability, and security of sensitive data. Broadly speaking, privacy is the right to be let alone, or freedom from interference or intrusion. Information privacy is the right to have some control over how your personal information is collected and used.


Over the next three weeks, you are asked to follow the discussion writing prompt on an IT Privacy concern or issues. This discussion prompt will focus on IT Privacy and it has two main goals for the activity: 1) Scholars please share an experience about you or someone close to you who had an Information Technology (IT) Privacy concern or issue, 2) Scholars please share an essential lesson or take away from that IT Privacy concern or issue in the writing prompt.