The assignment concentrates on Security and the Law. There is as well a  description of public law enforcement powers. So, you required to explain why a security loss prevention manager would choose to hire an outside firm to review security operations.

Security and the Law-public law enforcement powers

 Security and the Law, Risk Analysis, Security Surveys, and Insurance

Firstly, why do the courts continue to make distinctions between public law enforcement powers and private sector enforcement issues? What is your opinion on this? Secondly, the private security industry may enforce criminal law but it is restricted by civil law. How is this possible? Do you agree? Why or why not? Thirdly, explain why a security loss prevention manager would choose to hire an outside firm to review security operations and make recommendations for changes and insurance options rather than conduct the study internally. Fourthly, Case Study: Ms. Smith is the new security manager for a large retail establishment selling consumer electronic equipment. Also, she is responsible to ensure inventory shrinkage is kept to an absolute minimum. So, Inventory shrinkage occurs in many different way one of which is through persons entering the store and committing theft.

Security and the Law-public law enforcement powers

First; she hired several new security officers to work as “plain clothes” store detectives and second; she installed a video surveillance system. On the day the new security officers started their job as store detectives, a person behaving in a suspicious manner entered the store, proceeded to the section of the store where accessories for cell phones and other personal digital devices were displayed, removed an item from the display and placed it inside his coat pocket. He then immediately headed for the store exit. As he was walking out of the front door, one of the new store detectives, who observed the suspicious person place a cell phone accessory in his coat pocket without paying for it, approached the suspicious person and detained him from leaving the area. Finally, explain the rights of the security officers to detain, search, and use force in this instance.

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