The assignment entails Securing Digital Government Services. There is  also a description of risk mitigation strategy. So, address other types of government services.

Securing Digital Government Services-risk mitigation strategy

Securing Digital Government Services

Firstly, for this paper, you will research potential and existing security issues affecting digital government websites. Secondly, government websites enable customers to enroll in programs and services, check the status of benefits. Also, they receive information about the federal government’s activities. Thirdly, your audience for this research report is the Chief Information Officer for a small federal agency who asked for assistance in developing a risk assessment and risk mitigation strategy for the agency’s digital government websites.

Note: this research report is separate from the report you previously prepared about OPEN data and may not reuse information from that report. This paper must address other types of government services. See Table 1 for the list of websites to use in your research.

Securing Digital Government Services-risk mitigation strategy

For this report, you should begin by reviewing three or more specific digital government websites (from the list provided in Table 1) to determine:

(a)    the types of information provided by the websites

(b)    the types of services provided by the websites

(c)     security issues which could impact the delivery of digital government services by the websites

After you have reviewed these websites, review the Federal Cybersecurity Risk Determination Report and Action Plan to identify additional sources of risk that the agency must be aware of and should address in its planning. You should also review Executive Order 13800 Strengthening the Cybersecurity of Federal Networks and Critical Infrastructure

Detailed Instructions


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