I will need to write a 20 page paper regarding how each have been conceptualized over the last forty years, pedagogical approaches with them, and gaps in their literature

In the field of second language acquisition (SLA), research from both psycholinguistic and sociocultural theoretical perspectives has been key in providing evidence of the connection between interaction and language learning. Write an essay in which you:

Discuss how interaction has been conceptualized and researched from the interactionist and the sociocultural theoretical perspectives. Make sure to include how the construct of interaction has evolved in the last 40 years and how is connected to other related constructs (e.g., input, attention, output, negotiation, feedback, mediation, scaffolding, etc.)

Choose at least three pedagogical approaches for integrating interaction in the foreign language curriculum. Make sure you include how each approach is supported by the theory and the results of empirical research, and identify possible implications for curriculum development, student and instructor training.

Identify gaps in the literature that are worth exploring and how you would approach them. Make sure you include the theoretical rationale to investigate those areas.