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Choose a SCIENCE FICTION FILM that explores any of the technology-related themes we have discussed or read about in this course. Using your analysis of Ex Machina as a model, write an evaluative analysis of this film. In this analysis, you might want to consider some (but not all) of the following questions. What real-life issues of our world does this film address? Does it address these successfully? Why or why not? How do the elements of filmmaking help this text explore this subject (cinematography, set-design, acting, soundtrack, visual effects, etc.)? What other Science Fiction texts does this remind you of? (You may compare this to Ex Machina if you wish, but this is not required.) Using your own analysis of the work, as well as AT LEAST FOUR REPUTABLE SOURCES (CITED MLA STYLE) that critique or enhance your understanding of the film, compose an essay that supports your claim.

More about this assignment:

The discussion in this task expects identification of a science fiction film especially in the last six years as a way of considering the ideologies and thoughts of future technologies while using modern technologies in the film. The discussion should include the plot of the film Ex Machina to give way to the rationale of the ideas presented in the film. In addition, the analysis should consider how the visual effects, soundtrack, acting, and cinematography among other factors and how they help in demonstrating the use of technological theme. The analysis should entail viewpoints that bring concepts observed in other similar science fiction films…

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