Assessment Brief Form


Module Title: Manufacturing
Module Code: ME545
Author(s)/Marker(s) of Assignment Dr. Yan Wang


Assignment No: 1
Assignment Title: Manufacturing Engineering Assignment
Percentage contribution to module mark: 100%
Weighting of component assessments within this assignment:

Task 1: Manufacturing system (75%)

Task 2: Measurement (25%)


Module Learning Outcome/s Covered: (Refer to module syllabus)  LO1, 2, 3, 4, 5


Assignment Brief and Assessment Criteria:

See attached sheets for tasks 

Assessment Criteria

Marks for each section are shown on the question sheet.  See attached sheet.



Date of issue:  

Deadline for submission:


Method of submission:




Date feedback will be provided Feedback should be provided within 20 working days of the deadline –– see GEAR


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  2. All work submitted must be your own (or your team’s for an assignment which has been specified as a group submission) and all sources which do not fall into that category must be correctly attributed. The markers may submit the whole set of submissions to the JISC Plagiarism Detection Service.