The paper focuses on Saint John PSYC1071 program-Bee Me Kidz Assignment.You will create an essay that describes the vulnerable population served by the Bee Me Kidz program.

Saint John PSYC1071 program-Bee Me Kidz Assignment

Bee Me Kidz Assignment: PSYC1071 Bee Me Kidz is a program for early school-aged children and their families in two priority neighbourhoods in Saint John. The vision of Bee Me Kidz is “a Canada where disadvantaged children are empowered, families strengthened, and communities transformed”. Bee Me Kidz provides free programs focusing on emotional intelligence around Greater Saint John to children of all socio-economic backgrounds. It has a location picked for expansion in Fredericton, but needs some funding to begin the program there in September or January.

Elliott, the CEO and founder of Toronto-based Consolidated Energy Solutions Inc. (CES), poured $850,000 into the non-profit organization last year. As Bee Me Kidz expands, Elliott aims to have every donation dollar go into programming, while he continues to carry the administrative costs.

Saint John PSYC1071 program-Bee Me Kidz Assignment

For this assignment, you are to examine the Bee Me Kidz program through the lens of mental health. Each student will spend one Saturday during the term helping to facilitate the Bee Me Kidz program. Schedule will be posted on Brightspace. Please note: You do NOT have to wait for your Bee Me Kidz visit to write this essay! You will create an essay that:

Firstly,describes the vulnerable population served by the Bee Me Kidz program.

Secondly, considers risks for poor mental health faced by families in the Bee Me Kidz neighborhoods.

Thirdly, discusses how the Bee Me Kidz program addresses the social determinants of mental health. 4) Describes the P.A.T.H.S. curriculum used in Bee Me Kidz. 5) Demonstrates understanding of how learning from P.A.T.H.S. can positively influence children’s mental health both now and in the future.

Detailed Instructions


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