The assignment focuses on Safety and security domains- learning from failures.Therefore,“Examine whether and how organisations learn from major failures

Safety and security domains- learning from failures

 “Examine whether and how organisations learn from major failures. Safety and security domains are similar in that they deal with prevention and management of hazardous incidents or threats,The main difference relates to intent. It is unsurprising, therefore, to observe a growing interest in applying risk analysis and risk management. Not only to safety but also to security problems. Identify two relevant crises or disasters and critically analyse the learning concept; one from security and one from safety domains. The concept of learning from failures can be addressed in three different forms, which are:

Safety and security domains- learning from failures

i. feedback from the users to design, ii. the incorporation of advanced tools in innovative applications.

iii. the fostering of interdisciplinary approaches and generic lessons. Describe two case studies related to security and safety that can incorporate these three forms of ‘learning from failures’.Show, with some evidence, how the three forms of ‘learning’ have been incorporated. You need to use advanced tools for root cause analysis such Fault Tree Analysis (FTA), Reliability Block Diagrams (RBD), or others from the literature .Such as Structured Analytic Techniques (SAT) in security, or FRAM, ACCiMap, or STAMP in accidents causal analysis.

 Safety and security domains- learning from failures

Regarding choice of case studies, they can be either relatively recent or older incidents. On the one hand, the recent ones tend to be more relevant and timely but there are uncertainties about factual evidences as new evidence may appear later on. On the other hand, older case studies have the advantage of being ‘classical cases’ .Where the ‘dust has already been settled’ by now and hence generic lessons can be clearly demonstrated. Using the proposed techniques in a convincing argument. For recent cases, these ideally can be UK cases from the last decade.For example, the recent attacks in Westminster.

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