The assignment concentrates on Roman authorities implementation. Also, there is a description of law in the provinces of the Empire.

Roman authorities implementation- law in the provinces of the Empire

 Firstly, what did the Roman authorities do to ensure that law was upheld and order kept in the provinces of the Empire? Secondly, were they successful in their aims? Ancient Sources: OGIS 519 IGBulg. IV 2236 LEVICK, docs. 95; 173. Also,  modern Scholarship: Alston, R.A., 1995, Soldier and Civilian in Roman Egypt: A Social History, London and New York, 81-96. Fuhrmann, C.J., 2012, Policing the Roman Empire: Soldiers, Administration, and Public Order, New York, 201-238. [available online as an e-book] Kelly, B., 2013. “Crime, Law, and Order”, in M. Gibbs, M. Nikolic, and P. Ripat (eds.) Themes in Roman Society and Culture: An Introduction to Ancient Rome. Toronto, 241-62. Nippel, W., 1995, Public Order in Ancient Rome, Cambridge, 101-119 ASSESSMENT CRITERIA: The essay will be marked according to the following criteria: • Has a clear and consistent argument that answers the question

Roman authorities implementation- law in the provinces of the Empire

• Shows control of the essay form, including the introduction, conclusion, and use of quotations • Constructs an argument based on the ancient sources • Engages critically with the ancient sources and modern scholarship • Writes in a distinctive voice, showing originality of thought and flair • Writes in clear and correct English • Cites evidence correctly

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