The assignment focuses on Role of families in early childhood development. Also, write a paper that highlights readings, research, and reactions to your topic choice

Role of families in early childhood development

Select a topic related to early childhood development, TOPIC*the role of families in childhood development* . Write a paper that highlights readings, research, and reactions to your topic choice. The paper must written in first person and must offer your ideas and thoughts on your selected topic. Include personal experience or knowledge of your topic, opinions, and ideas for teachers. Take a creative approach to this paper—it is not a research paper! Cite all resources using APA format. Research used must be scholarly unless otherwise noted. A mix of factors determine why some children receive the nutrition, protection and stimulation they need, while others left behind. Poverty is a common part of the equation. For a country, poor early childhood development could mean economic loss; in India, the loss is about twice the gross domestic product spent on health.

Role of families in early childhood development

Conflict and uncertainty also play a role as children younger than five in conflict-affected areas and fragile states face elevated risks to their lives, health and wellbeing. Oversight and inaction have a high price and long-term implications for the health, happiness and earning potential as these children become adults. They also contribute to global cycles of poverty, inequality and social exclusion. Despite the need, early childhood programmes remain severely underfunded with lacklustre execution. Government investment in early childhood development is low. For example, in 27 sub-Saharan African countries measured, only 0.01 per cent of gross national product spent on pre-primary education in 2012. There is also little public understanding of the importance of a child’s first years and slight public demand for policies, programmes and funding.

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