This assignment explores Risk and Crisis Management. There is also a review of Supply chain failure Review.  Therefore, analyse and evaluate principles and strategies of danger and crisis management within the context of the Hospitality and Tourism industries

Risk and Crisis Management – Supply chain failure Review

Context: Flood. Cyber-attack. Supply chain failure. Loss of key staff. Natural disaster. These are all crises a modern business may face, which is why business continuity planning is so important. So, a major feature of business continuity planning is risk identification and management. Business continuity, and more specifically danger and crisis management is about having a plan to deal with difficult situations confidently when they arise causing the least amount of disruption to day to day operations and with minimal long-term impact to the business.

Supply chain failure Review

Instructions: In Assessment 1 you were asked to perform an Environmental Scan and risk Identification Report for one of the five (5) businesses below.  So, in your assessment 2 you will use your risk Identification table to formulate a Risk and Crisis Management Plan.

Analyse and evaluate principles and strategies of issue and crisis management within the context of the Hospitality and Tourism industries c) Recommend and justify risk and crisis management techniques considering legal, financial, ethical, environmental and sociocultural impacts e) Besides, devise appropriate crisis management strategies throughout the entire planning process.

Detailed Instructions


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