This assignment explores Revolutions in the Arab world. On the other hand,there is a description of political unrest in Russia.So, explain the what role has social media played.

Revolutions in the Arab world-political unrest in Russia

Regarding recent revolutions in the Arab world and the political unrest in Russia, what role has social media played? How can governments benefit from its citizens use of social media during times of civil unrest. The research papers are due in weeks 4 and 8. Each paper must be two pages, double-spaced and typed in Arial or New Times Roman 12 point font. The research topic should be included at the top of the paper. So, please see information below about topic requirements for each paper. Sources cannot comprise more than 20% of the research paper. Anything more than 20%, points will be deducted from the total score. Use APA format and cite all of your sources.

Revolutions in the Arab world-political unrest in Russia

In-text citations must  clearly identified. Any sources from Wikipedia will not  accepted. Papers must be at least 750 words each.The recent Arab Uprisings in the Middle East are at times described as a revolutionary wave similar to 1848 or 1989 waves or the dawn of a new democratic era and they are most commonly labeled by themedia as the “Arab Spring”. One does not have to agree with these depictions of events to recognize the fact that these events will lead to a great deal of soul searching among the students of the Middle East and significant rethinking efforts in the study of major issues in the region.

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