Remembering an Event will be your first graded essay and to show me your writing ability. The essay Remembering an Event is based on Chapter 2 of your St. Martins textbook.
To begin your Remembering an Event essay, read through the entirety of chapter 2 of your textbook. Focus on the Basic Feature of Chapter 2 (pp. 18-21) on what to write to for your narrative essay.
Review the sample Remembering an Event essays in Chapter 2 of your textbook.
For choosing your Remembering an Event refer to Choose an Event to Write About on p. 36 of your Martins textbook. The examples are: A. Write about A difficult situation (for example, when you had to make a tough choice and face the consequences, or when you let someone down or someone you admired let you down); B. Write about An occasion when things did not turn out as expected (for example, when you expected to be criticized but were praised or ignored instead, or when you were convinced you would succeed but failed); C. Write about