The assignment talks about Return on Investment (ROI)-impact on educational leadership. So,how does ROI impact educational leadership of a. development of policy?

Return on Investment (ROI)-impact on educational leadership

Because ROI can be made as complex or as simple as the measurer wants it to be, it can be used by a variety of different professionals or companies. So, A marketing professional could calculate the ROI of a marketing campaign by dividing the campaign’s revenue by the marketing expenses directly involved in that campaign.ROI is one of the most used profitability ratios because of its flexibility. That being said, one of the downsides of the ROI calculation is that it can be manipulated, so results may vary between users. When using ROI to compare investments, it’s important to use the same inputs to get an accurate comparison.

Return on Investment (ROI)-impact on educational leadership

 Read the following articles: Dunlop, M. (2016). The college scorecard and return on investment. New England Journal of Higher Education, 1. Smith, R., & Knapp, K. (2019). Return on instructional investment (ROII) model: A practical guide for school leaders. Academy of Educational Leadership Journal, 23(1), 1-11. Compose a 4-page paper with the following components:

A. Discuss the role of Return on Investment (ROI) in education B. How does ROI impact educational leadership of a. development of policy? b. strategic planning? C. Refer to the Dunlop (2016) and Smith & Knapp (2019) articles and discuss the different models and components considered to calculate ROI D. Also, Identify and discuss one challenge of implementing ROI as a basis for policy decisions a. How would you overcome this challenge as an educational leader?

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