Results Section
Paper details:
Please write your results section and submit it.
We will compare the numbers in the output with the numbers that you use in the results section to ensure that you are reporting the correct results. You can use the attached worksheet to help you organize your results, but you do not need to attach this worksheet with your results section.
Make sure to include a reiteration of your two main effect and interaction effect predictions, the specific analysis you conducted (e.g., 2 by 2 repeated-measures ANOVA), a descriiption of the results for each prediction using words and numbers (Means & Standard Errors), an indication of whether the effects were significant (support these statements with the F statistics; e.g., F(1, 30) = 10.5, p = .04), and whether the results support the predictions (state this after each result). Refer to the sample +template results sections and grading rubric attached for assistance. In addition, please see the Method Section for reference to the experiment.