Detailed Instructions



Part I – Annotated Bibliography – Create a thesis statement to explore. o Think about the ideas you are exposed to in class, in the news, and in your own experience in life, and try to narrow your focus to one interaction/phenomena o Try to think about something interesting, ironic, unexpected, important, or even elementary about the topic you choose


o Write a statement which explains what you’ll explore, what about it you’ll explore, what you expect to see based on what you know and what you learn

Quick Response

The most interesting topic in the news and recent trends in society includes dependency on clean energy. The topic is argued to help to manage the aspects that contribute to climate change including combustion of fossil fuels, which pollutes the environment with green gases. Clean energy includes solar energy, wind energy, and biomass energies respectively CITATION Aza16 l 1033  (Azad & Sharma, 2016). The renewable sources of energy are aimed to generate electricity without pollution and contribution to global warming. From an economic perspective, clean energy will influence the manufacturing process and dependence on mechanical power to carry out daily tasks. Therefore, the approach towards clean energy has the capacity to revolutionizing the world and transforming technology further.

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