Detailed Instructions


      SOC 212 – Research Paper Assignment

Explore a contemporary social problem facing a social institution, such as the family, health care system, politics, or economy. This paper will be 8 – 10 pages, double-spaced, in APA format, with clear and appropriate citations. APA formatting requires title page, abstract, and a reference page. Please note: the 8 – 10 page requirement refers to the actual content of the paper, and does not include the title page, abstract or reference page.


More about this task: 

The primary motive of this research paper is exploring the contemporary social problem that faces a social institution, in this case, the healthcare system. The paper will identify various social problems such as precision medicine, retailers as primary care physicians, private investment in healthcare, artificial intelligence, and millennial as the primary consumers. Among the above social problems, the paper will focus on the issue of retailers serving as the primary care physicians. The paper will highlight the aspects that encourage patients to visit retailers in the community as opposed to the healthcare institutions. The paper will also discuss the risks that are linked to taking medication from the retailers without direction from the healthcare professionals.

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