Following the information for Unit 6 Assignment in the Course Study Guide, complete a 10-page analytical essay; cover and references pages do not count toward page total. Complete the Research paper outlined in Unit 5. Add the following discussions with citations: (a) Differentiate between traditional and dashboard reporting and apply principles to scenarios; (b) Explain the connection between dashboard utility and decision-making; anc (c) Summarize the common mistakes that occur with dashboard implementation.

More about the task:

This analytical paper is expected to present compelling arguments about the difference between a dashboard and traditional reporting. This will further be approached using both traditional and dashboard reporting principles. The paper will also acknowledge the connection between dashboard utility and decision-making. The connection will assist in acknowledging the possible risks that may include. The identification of those risks will be useful in making plans to manage the risks. In addition, the paper will also include a summary of the common mistakes that occur in the process of dashboard implementation. The collective mistakes will be useful in exploring the risk management strategies that are suitable for the company.

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