1. Due Date
    Thursday, July 1, 202111:59 PM
    Points Possible

  2. The critique should be typed in maximum of three-pages. The first page should be a title page as specified in the lecture. The following two pages should be double-spaced with new time roman font size 12 and MLS formatting.  The critique must include following points: 

    1.  Introduction: Briefly introduce the topic that is being investigated.

    2.  Objective of the Study:   What is(are) the purpose(s) of this study.  In other words what key question(s) the author(s) asked in this study to address what was previously unknown or inconclusive about the subject.

    3.  Background Observations: What are key observations/findings by other authors referenced/discussed in this article on this subject?

    4.  Key observations:  What are the key findings/results author(s) reported in the article you received?

    5.  Techniques were employed: What techniques/Materials and Methods/Experimental design were employed to test authors hypothesis/ seek answers to their key questions?

    6.  How did this work help in advancing our present understanding of the subject with regard to the previous findings.

    7.  What is the conclusion/inferences in this article? (Do not copy as is from the article)

    8.   Give your own perspective and critical analysis are the data convincing? What other experiments would you have done and why?   Speculate how the outcome may be different.