The assignment focuses on John F. Kennedy 1960s-Republican economic policies. Also, explain why and with what success did JFK endeavor to correct the issue of poverty in the United States


John F. Kennedy 1960s-Republican economic policies

John F. Kennedy in the 1960s. Firstly, each answer to the question must cited from a source that I will provide in an extra link. There are NO works cited pages required, so do not worry about citations. Secondly, each answer must paraphrased from the text and completely plagiarism free because I will turn it in to Each question must answered in 1-2 paragraphs. The first paragraph is mainly answering the question and is about 100-120 words. The second should be an analysis of the topic in the question and its significance. It should be 30-50 words if two paragraphs needed. Questions: Firstly, Kennedy’s approach was more in line with Republican economic policies than Democratic economic policies? Secondly, JFK Eco successes following the economic recession of EIsenhower? Thirdly, why and with what success did JFK endeavor to correct the issue of poverty in the United States?

John F. Kennedy 1960s-Republican economic policies

Fourthly, Rank in order from greatest to least (with explanation for your ranking) JFK’s achievements in the following areas: Women’s rights, environment, education. Overall, how successful was JFK from a domestic standpoint as a President? Source: United States 1776-1992 by Derrick Murphy, Kathryn Cooper, and Mark Waldron (textbook).  Women’s work is often overlooked, unpaid and undervalued. They work in unsafe conditions and have precarious jobs. Greater corporate accountability for upholding human rights needed. Across the world, women and girls are at risk of violence. We must challenge the social and cultural norms that lead to women’s vulnerability. There are structural causes of violence against women: beliefs, access to resources, and economics. Governments must do more to serve the needs of poor and excluded women, and to protect and advance their rights.

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