This assignment talks about Reporting sports tragedies.There is also an evaluation of media’s role. Evaluate how have the media done it in the past, how/if things are changing.

Reporting sports tragedies-media’s role evaluation

A critical evaluation of the media’s role in reporting sports tragedies. Looking at sporting tragedies and how the media reports them. How responsible should they be? Should we hold them accountable and to what extent. Evaluate how have the media done it in the past, how/if things are changing. Focusing on incidents such as the Hillsborough disaster, Emiliano Sala’s death, Boston Marathon bombing, the chapecoense plane crash and any others (preferably within the last 30 years). The title is not set in stone so there is some wiggle room there if needed.

Reporting sports tragedies-media’s role evaluation

Sports have a habit of bringing people together, whether it’s through their shared support for their favourite teams or gathering in the same stadium to watch the spectacle unfold in front of their own eyes. Sadly, however, sports have also brought people together through tragedy.

Unfortunately, tragedies and heartbreaking occurrences also rocked the sports world each year of the decade. As always occurs whenever such tragedies leave us shocked, saddened, and shaken, sports helped heal wounds created by horrific events. Whether it’s on-field accidents, stadium disasters, plane crashes or acts of terrorism, the world has witnessed some tragic events throughout the course of sports history.

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