Report Shopping centres are facing challenges in a COVID normal world. Prior to the pandemic they were facing challenges due to changes in consumer behaviour and a shift to online shopping.

 Choose a shopping centre on which to base your analysis and then develop a report (including diagrams) to convince your sceptical boss about how the business may be pivoted to remain relevant to your target customers and respond to this challenge.

 This assignment should be based in current day. It must go beyond adhering to the government mandated health regulations. 

If you would prefer to choose a shopping centre outside Australia you may do this, however, please include an appendix that provides any necessary contextual information. The following topics should be in the discussion.

 ∗ Who is the target customer and why you have chosen them (note: A shopping centre will target multiple groups of customers, for this assignment just choose one group that you believe are important)

 ∗ Identify the customer jobs 

∗ Identify the pains and gains.

 ∗ Changes to the existing offering 

∗ Pain reliever, and Gain creator This short report should contain the following five key topics

 1. Introduction – briefly outline your suggested response and why 

2. Provide a brief description of selected shopping centre and the target market you have chosen and why.

 3. Critical discussion- explain each step (customer jobs, identify the pains and gains, new product and service, pain reliever, and gain creator) in the context of selected topic. 

4. Reflection- consider the effectiveness of value proposition canvas for marketing professionals. Write a paragraph and state if you think you would use these tools if you were a marketing professional and why, or if not, why not.

 5. Conclusion- Highlight the key findings.



Target market: housewives age 30 – 50 with ( 2 – 4) kids and women who works as sales and administrator .