The assignment discusses Report on wheelchair experience. Besides, there is also a description of simulation of a disability. So,  negotiate obstacles in the environment. 

Report on wheelchair experience-simulation of a disability

For your information, this assignment was supposed to be done with an actual wheelchair. Unfortunately, due to COVID 19 I had to pretend and imagine what it would be like to have a disability using a wheelchair. Think about all the basis of ADLs. Where does it begin? From the moment the person wakes up his/her life is different…getting out of bed, taking a shower etc. Think about the other aspects of ADLs when in a wheelchair, then take it outdoors and think about IADLs while in a wheelchair.

Report on wheelchair experience-simulation of a disability

If you were at school you could have gone to buy coffee, what was that like? Were the counter too high in relation to your WC? Would you wait on line like everyone else? How generous were people? Did they let you go ahead of them? If so, how long did it take them to do so? Were people kind about holding doors open for you? How did that make you feel? Many people in wheelchairs like to open doors themselves as it’s part of their independence. They do not like to feel helpless, or that people are taking pity on them. Which one are you? The one who acknowledges that as kindness or the one who says that’s okay I got it?

Report on wheelchair experience-simulation of a disability

Think along those lines V. REPORT 0N WHEELCHAIR EXPERIENCE W1TH SIMULATION OF A DISABILITY – HIGH STAKES This assignment is aimed at helping you to understand and appreciate what wheelchair bound individuals experience throughout their daily activities. It will help you in teaching your wheelchair bound patient how to properly use the wheelchair, and how to negotiate obstacles in the environment. 

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